Sean's Kitchen Restaurant Branding Review

Adelaide, 19-01-2016

We love good branding design, wine and Australia. For all the above we picked up on the branding for Sean's Kitchen by young designer, Gemma Warriner

What we love about it...

The continuity. The branding's subtle assets are reinforced in the signage, sit down stationery and take away.

The relationship between the applications and the space.

We loved the botanical illustration applied to a napkin, which is then draped over the banquette. The simplicity.

We love the elegant fonts and the clarity of the illustrations and logo. Another thing to mention is the lovely choice of paper and simple gold foil and embossing.

A bit about Sean Connolly

Sean Connolly is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most well-respected chefs, with a growing list of accomplishments and awards to his name.

Inspired by his travels to New York and its vivid food history, the Sean’s Kitchen brand represents a space where classic food is transformed into a contemporary atmosphere.

The identity

The identity reflects this through the contrast of classic new world and old world typefaces whilst the brand collateral brings to life the elegance, origins and roots of food.

Sean’s vision to create a truly unique experience is extended with items such as Sean’s branded retail products and Sean’s Kitchen seed packets which as the consumer to become part of this food journey.


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