Rye Creative Space

London, 25-06-2018

Hidden away in Dalston is a beautiful pick-me-up, the perfect way to start a Friday morning - Rye London. Friday morning they hosted an event with a variety of healthy porridge, drinks and lovely people, encouraging health and wellness.

Rye London is a creative studio that focuses on creating beautiful imagery from hospitality to travel. Focusing on seasonal, local, sustainable food and fashion, it was incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by their energy. Their studio can be hired out for a range of uses.

Although a little difficult to find at first, we walked through a winding building that eventually lead us to their studio, with an incredible amount of light welcoming us in. Entering into a low ceiling height, the room opens up with a beautiful shed style roof allowing the light to filter in indirectly, covering the space in an even amount of light. White painted brick walls, concrete flooring and cupboards help a very neutral, relaxed atmosphere, the main splash of colour from beautiful flower and plant arrangements.

The large windows open up onto Dalston’s back streets, juxtaposed by the window sills covered in glass bottles full of plants and beautifully arranged vegetables with candles.

A large simple fibreboard table sits in the centre of the room, accompanied by timber stools. The natural, unfinished materials give a very raw feeling to the room, complimenting the food they’ve partnered with for the day.

On each stool is a cute goodie bag prepared by Jen from Lifebox (https://lifeboxfood.com/) including a make your own porridge kit with nuts and peanut butter shots.

They have a strict set of rules for the food they supply in their life boxes including being organic, sustainable and fair-trade, instantly winning my approval.

Pure Earth supplied their own dairy free Kefir drinks with additional mini immune booting Hot Shots – a raw lemon and ginger honey drink. Having never heard of Kefir before I discovered it is a fermented drink of beneficial bacteria and yeast, which Pure Earth have adapted to include superfoods for additional health and wellness.

The event begins with a 10-minute meditation by Nikki (http://www.zenyourheartout.com/about.html) to relax us and help us forget the stress of the week and focus on the food we were about to experience. I felt so much stress release while being able to fully appreciate being present in the event.

Rebecca (http://rockmybowl-co-uk.com/) prepared two porridge bowls – one savoury and one sweet.

Having only ever opted for sweet porridge bowls I was sceptical about a savoury one, however the combination of SOMETHING with mushrooms was incredible.

Rebecca classed it as a type of risotto, which describes it perfectly – mine was gone in seconds.

Whilst waiting for the ‘breakfast pudding’ we had a nutritional talk from Jodie (https://jodiebrandman.com/) who gave us a taster of mushroom tea and pistachio milk.

The health benefits are incredible and very holistic, as well as the tea being delicious.

Rebecca served the sweet porridge bowl, allowing us to help ourselves to a range of toppings. I opted for kiwi, cacao nibs, pistachio and pomegranate with syrup.

Each meal was served in beautiful earthenware bowls, perfectly styled making our photography so easy.

Leaving such a wonderfully friendly atmosphere, we headed back to work.