RGB Installation

London, 12-09-2011

The RGB project, as previously previously featured on this blog, is now in London at DreamBags-JaguarShoes. RGB is by Frencesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, an artist/designer pair from Milan operating under the moniker Carnovsky.

For the London installation they explored the concept of “Jungle”, creating intricate, overlapping graphics depicting a dense forest.

Each primary colour layer represents a layer of the jungle: green light reveals the foliage of the jungle, red light unveils the animal kingdom, bar the monkeys, which are playfully revealed under blue light.

Since the space is actually composed of two smaller spaces, previously the shops ‘Dream Bags’ and ‘Jaguar Shoes’, the designers decided to treat one space as day (images above) and the other as night (images below). Images via Dezeen.