Print Avenue

Barcelona, 12-03-2013

Print Avenue, is a vintage pavilion by design studio Egue y Seta, in collaboration with Sabaté Lab, a digital printing, large format and museographer company in Barcelona, Spain. The project is an incredible example of design marrying classic print and illustration into interiors.

Walking along a game board decorated with “etched” past century lettering digitally printed over pinewood, the company introduce their main theme, printing, box by box, into a playful atmosphere.

An entrance hall, a waiting area and a reception act as a decorative strategy to display the versatility of the medium, as well as the vintage style that acts as inspiration for the project.

Almost the entire interior is printed, from the floors, walls, suspended ceiling panels, seating, doors and columns. The only items not printed are the reclaimed bar stools used in the reception area. Images from Retail Design Blog.