Origo Coffee Shop Review

Bucharest, 22-05-2013

Today we’ve been looking at this trendy coffee house space in Bucharest Romania by Lama Architectura.

We really like the black boarded walls, this reminds us of the Kitchen Table/Bubbledogs (have a look under restaurants, in our work folio). This approach really creates a sense of accessibility and purpose, as the entire interior is a canvas board.

We’re grateful for the white ceiling beams in the small space, it contrasts nicely with the walls while helping to tie in the suspended coffee cup installation above the counter and the suspended coffee cups repurposed as lighting.

The bar raises, which means that in the daytime it can comfortably sit at 80cm to serve patrons coffee, while at night it can be adjusted to 110cm when the venue converts into bar.

We love the counter/ bar itself, with its use of raw metal sheets on the face and corten and oak for the counter top. Images from Facebook.