Nobu Restaurant Review

Shoreditch, London, 29-07-2017

Excited for the new opening of Nobu Hotel – Shoreditch, we headed to our neighbouring town to enjoy a very sophisticated lunch out!

Within a great location, Nobu has successfully picked up the raw creative energy of its urban surroundings. Taking great inspiration from their Eastern culture, the entrance doors were beautifully fret cut. This overlaid another decorative feature to make the surface rich in texture.

The doors instinctively open as you walk up the step and enhance the sense of anticipation of what you are about to experience.

The materiality and detail of the space is heavily considered throughout and contrasted in so many ways. From embossed concrete walls, to ebonised timber boards, to warm slatted strips screens. We slowly made our way to the restaurant to appreciate every element.

As we reached the host station we were gracefully greeted and taken outside to enjoy our, what felt like, an enchanting terrace. We overlooked the restaurant through the five-metre tall glass doors. This felt incredibly dynamic and really enhanced the engagement of warmth you can feel from the internal space.

Spoilt for choice on the menu, our waiter happily suggested a selection of varied dishes. This explored the flavours of what has been influenced by a mixed blend of Peruvian and Japanese delicacy.

As the plates came out, we were hugely impressed by the presentation carried through to the quality of its taste.

Our favourite being the Miso Black Cod and the baked Truffle Mushrooms – we highly recommend this as a choice on your visit!

The internal restaurant has a large open space.

With the height of varied ceiling levels, we noticed how effectively the space was disconnected to transform into a separate, divided areas. For example, the concrete bulkhead lowers in height to enclose a cosy lounge area.

The different areas of the restaurant all enrich a sense of significance. Slatted strips of timber, shelter the private dining room and subtly exposes it’s space through long, delicate mesh panels. This embraces the Japanese infusion in great detail.

Overall, our experience at Nobu was a very enjoyable visit. It was great to appreciate a well thought out design relative to it’s true valued concept.