Mr Design Office Workspace Review

Tokyo, 01-01-2011

Who wouldn’t want to work in this office? ‘Mr Design Office’ by Japanese studio Schemata is a 190 m2 office for 5 people in Tokyo. With the intention of keeping the space open while still maintaining a level of privacy and warmth, the project incorporates noninvasive design elements with playful components.

In order to avoid separating the single room into a number of smaller rooms, the design purposely lacks complete partitions and dividers. A meeting area on the south end of the rectangular layout is flanked on one side by a mirrored surface to lengthen the space.

The partial-height wall unit which houses the washroom and storage space features a built-in tube slide for the employees.

To provide a level of privacy, the conference table is placed under a parabolic reflector with a 3.4m diameter. In addition to funneling light, the suspended fixture collects and directs sounds to the meeting area. In order to have a subtle presence, the overhead lights are constructed from spiral tubes cut in half to mimic the aesthetics of the ceiling ducts.

The bench in the waiting area is made from four separate chairs with clear epoxy feet to give the illusion of floating. All Images courtesy Schemata Architecture Office Photographer: Takumi Ota Via Designboom.