Madrid Hub Offices Workspace Review

Madrid, 22-02-2011

Churtichaga + Quadra + Salcedo Arquitectos (SH + QS) have transformed an abandoned garage from the 40s in Madrid into timeshare offices.

Transform is probably too strong a word, since the architects wisely decided to leave much of what they found in the space intact in order to preserve the original character of the space.

With minimal intervention the designers upgraded the space to make it both functional and sustainable. The building now provides working space, as well as a gathering space for cultural activities in the neighborhood.

The existing concrete floor was replaced by a wooden floor that immediately giving the space a warmer feel. A skylight was set in the roof to provide natural light for the main working and collaboration space.

The majority of the space was furnished with recycled furniture donated by the hub owners and this creates a playful, mix and match vintage feel.

Wooden fruit crates were used to fill in the gaps of furniture still need. Shelves, stools and coffee tables as well as a ticket office and even a ladder was constructed from these.

An unusual touch is the little orange tree that was planted in a gap in the floor to bring a bit of the outdoors into the space.

Peeling paint was covered with a special resin to keep what is left of it intact and revealing the marks and scratches of time. A mezzanine was constructed in the main space under which there are rooms isolated for meetings.

The interiors of these rooms are lined with recycled wool felt to provide sound isolation for private meetings and media. All photos © Daniel Torrelló / ayr + chitecture (via Yatzer).