Kaiseki Yoshiyuki Restaurant Review

Singapore, 22-07-2013

In the basement of the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore, a dark and mysterious entrance leads the way to Kaiseki Yoshiyuki. Walls clad in roof tiles are paying tribute to the origins of Kaiseki in temples of Kyoto.

When entering the intimate 14-seater counter dining area, the ash paneled geometrical forms cast intriguing wall details in the warmly lit interior. Cutout windows reveal a glimpse of subtle color by the origami flower displays in the adjacent Horse’s Mouth restaurant.

Exiting Yoshiyuki to Horse’s Mouth, the immediate sight of three glass displays showcasing 3000 origami flowers creates a colour explosion amidst the leather seats and dark wooden tables.

Next to the origami flower displays, brown wooden shelves house a tactile mix of used wood closely resembling a well-stocked library of books. Designer: Asylum Images from Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.