Jan Restaurant Review

London, 05-06-2017

This weekend, we ventured South West and found the long overdue gem that is, Jan. As we were invited into the ‘Caspian Kingdom’, we were welcomed most gracefully into such an enchanting and delightful space…

The inspired Middle-Eastern touches entice a secretive feel as you discover what the restaurant wants to show you... The cocktail bar breaks up the room by separating two completely different experiences. This allows customers to feel like they can visit Jan at any time of the day.

In the first part of the room, the space feels light. Soft grey textural walls with gold painted specks, white marble tables with gold powder coated trims and varied shades of pastel and turquoise blue ceramic tiles. The mirrored ceiling adds an efficient touch to extend the room, making it feel so spacious. A subtle element of gold detail is also applied to compliment the feel of indulgence. Just like a ‘Sultan’ you feel so superior in what feels so luxurious.

To our advantage we got to experience the new introduced Brunch menu. Ideally if you like sharing plates, Jan provides an explored selection of flavours. We ordered a mix of Sticky Sumac chicken wings, Lamb Kofte lollipops, Prawns marinated in star anise and topped obi naan – recommended Caspian style bread.

In the second part of the room, the lighting is warm and dimmed down setting a moody midnight feel to the space. With deep blue upholstered armchairs and large artwork pieces you are completely disconnected from ‘day to night’.

We found this visually appealing through the way the restaurant could provide two completely different transitions.

The smell of punchy spices and delicate aromas are so enticing you cannot help but feel engaged with the exposed open kitchen.

With our taste buds satisfied, we decided to order all three desserts and fully indulge on this dining experience! From harissa apricot and saffron ice cream to cardamom dusted doughnuts and lemon cake with rosemary pears we were able to explore a sensation of flavours. Spicy, sweet and scented…

The staff were friendly and great to discuss the local area.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon strolling down Clapham high street and picking up inspired food ingredients!