Heliocosm Store Review

Paris, 20-10-2011

Heliocosm, a new natural cosmetics brand, opened shop in Paris and commissioned FREAKS freearchitects to design the interior.

The space is unusually long (nearly 20m) and narrow, which the designers addressed by separating it into a front and back room that are linked by a wooden tunnel with an integrated display.

The entire interior is painted a “cool mint” blue-green, including the floors and ceilings, enfolding customers in a refreshing space.

The front room serves as a workshop and reception, and the backroom as a lounge. The back wall of the lounge is covered in a large scale print of a greenish blue mountain and lake, creating an impressive ending perspective for the connecting tunnel.

All freestanding furnishings were salvaged from second hand shops, adding comfortable and homely elements to the very edgy space. Images via Dezeen.