Granger & Co. Restaurant Review

London, 26-09-2015

At the end of summer, what we’re all after is a last little bit of sunshine. Granger and Co proved the perfect option for a little September alfresco dining.

Situated in Kings Cross Square, right next to St Pancras and Kings X station, where there is a number of trendy restaurants located around an architectural water feature and green area - like a quiet, hidden piazza.

The restaurant’s lovely glass facade makes it very open, welcoming and bright inside. The whole interior feels very bright and airy, light colours for the interior decoration and light materials - nothing heavy.

The servery/bar stood out with beautiful glazed peach/salmon coloured tiles against a patterned marble (of the same peach/salmon colour) top, a bronze trim and really elegant individual bar stools. Diners had the options of eating at the bar or seated at a table.

The booth seating around the edge of the restaurant was equally cool and classy, a simple design of a cushioned bench upholstered with a khaki/olive, soft leather that you could simply sink into.

Granger & Co has the feel of a contemporary open/outdoor restaurant in a European city or of a modern art gallery with cool artwork/graphic prints framed on the walls above the dining area.

The artwork was a mixture of scale and colour, which made the space really interesting and a bit edgy. A huge yellow painting hangs on one wall of the restaurant whilst a number of small square black and white graphic prints hung behind our table, filling the whole wall.

There is also a huge art-deco, abstract shaped mirror as you walk in on the back wall behind the bar which added to the airy/open feel as it reflected the light and space.

Though subtle, the ceiling finish definitely added to the elegant/contemporary interior with a soft, light wood paneling which was perforated to add a slight pattern/texture above diners.

Lighting is also subtly placed with only a few small spotlights in the ceiling, lamps around the seating and some metal pendants over the bar.

The menu was incredible. Though we were there for lunch the brunch menu was just as appealing with a huge range of dishes.

We went for a quinoa salad with fennel and added a fillet of salmon to it (which was stunning) and a chicken schnitzel. Both were refreshingly light and delicious, perfect for a hot day and definitely made us want to go back again to sample more of the food.

Cocktails were equally amazing and though they had some unique flavours on the menu they also made all the classics too. For dessert they offered a selection of delicious looking cakes and pastries beautifully presented on bronze stands on top of the bar in front of the entrance so we have no doubt just popping in for a coffee and cake would be just as enjoyable as a meal there.