Fire & Feathers Restaurant Review

London, 04-11-2014

Located on the lively Fulham Road in West London, Fire and Feathers offers an authentic Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken focused menu, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This really narrow space has encapsulated what nowadays makes a restaurant cosy and full of locals.

This Sunday, Chelsea are playing against Arsenal and the restaurant is packed with families and friends chatting loudly above chicken, beers and chips, before being completely deserted for a couple of hours during the match.

The warmth & ambience is characterised by the visible brickwork and angled reclaimed wood cladding on the walls and also thanks to the timber flooring and visible ceiling wood beams.

On some panels, the overall brown tone is lit up with mismatched patterned tiles surface, which link the interiors to the food’s Portuguese origin.

The industrial lights with visible fittings, gives an outdoor feel to the restaurant, this effect is reinforced thanks to the skylight at the back, it is like being in a wooden coastal shack in a the South of Europe.

Each wooden table is covered with a thick layer of transparent varnish to resist the dirty food (you can read ‘cutlery is overrated, get a bit dirty at fire and feathers’ on the menu).

The seats are minimal, back to school look, you are not here to spend the afternoon, but to enjoy a quick meal with friends before heading up to the rest of your day’s plans.

The black and white mosaic tile flooring gives a ‘kitchen look’ to the back of the restaurant (by the way, the real kitchen is upstairs, open to a upper party room with a large communal table). 

The service is friendly and relaxed and by looking at the cocktail shakers on the bar counter top at the entrance, one wouldn’t be surprised to see the waiters transform themselves into bar tenders in the evening and serving drinks with a bit louder music to after work customers.

Fire and Feathers is definitely an easy-going cantina, serving a simple cuisine within a hearty environment. 

Who doesn’t love a venue where comforting food can be found in a nice backdrop.