Derrier Restaurant Review

Paris, 03-10-2011

Mourad Mazouz’s restaurant Derrier is described as a ‘home away from home’ – and I can see why: the restaurant, styled as a family apartment, gives the impression of having stumbled into an eccentric friend’s well-lived in home.

The restaurant follows the idea of ‘home’ and is structured like one, diners can sit in the lounge, dining room, bedroom or boudoir. The main room is fitted out with a kitchen table, comfy sofas and oddly, a ping pong table for amusement between courses.

The restaurant takes its name from its location, it is hidden in a courtyard at the back of 404 and Andy Wahloo, Mazouz’s other Paris restaurants. The off-hand chic interior is just as tongue in the cheek as the name of the restaurant.

The eclectic interior mixes styles that gives the feeling of nonchalance. Throughout the restaurant shelves filled with books and other knick-knacks line the walls, along with an assortment of photos, paintings, posters and the odd empty frame.

The food is French, simple and wholesome, made with the finest quality products. In the bedroom diners are perched on mattresses, complete with alarm clocks at bedside. And somewhere, behind one of the many mirrors in Derrier, is a secret smoking room. Images via