Chorus at the Wapping Project Exhibition

London, 24-06-2010

In the dark industrial interior of the Boiler House at the Wapping Project, United Visual Artists are presenting ‘Chorus’, an installation that explores the relationship between performance, sculpture and installation. Constructed of a series of motor assisted pendulums, lights and speakers, it is very striking and heightens the drama of its unique setting.

The dynamic installation is almost hypnotic with variations of chaotic and orderly rhythms. It is described by its designers as a new kind of musical instrument, where the spatial location of each sound is critical to the composition of the piece.

The Wapping Project alone is worth a visit, located in the historic Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. The multipurpose exhibition and performance space hosts an ever changing array of artists from a range of disciplines.

The Engine and Turbine Houses resemble the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern, but with the added benefit of delicious food from restaurant and bar it houses. With its rich architectural fabric and remnants of its industrial past it really makes for a memorable dining experience.

The stripped back Boiler and Filter Houses, in turn provide unusual exhibition and performance spaces. Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Wall, London 15th June – 18th July 2010 Mon – Fri, 12pm-10.30pm, Sat 10am–10.30pm & Sun 10am–6pm. Images from United Visual Artist and The Wapping Project.