Chaka Khan Restaurant Review

Barcelona, 11-07-2018

Recently we visited Barcelona and stumbled across an exotic spot along the Rambla del Raval. The space takes its name from one of the divas of funky music: Chaka Khan. Made for urban explores, the Chaka Khan is split over two levels expressing dual personality.

Chaka on the ground floor is where you can enjoy the cocktail bar and smaller sharing dishes; the menu is inspired by origins from Laos to Russia. Complimented by the funky music playlist in an avant-garde and more nocturnal atmosphere. The bar is cleverly designed with a terrazzo counter, angled mirror bar shelves and timber chandeliers and the ability to open out onto the street. The space has an eclectic mix of furniture, patterns, greenery, and textures complimented with softer, more natural tones as well as brass and bronze accents.

Khan is the space above Chaka, and in their words ‘that’s where the real magic happens’. You can treat yourself to the tasting menu; dishes crafted and carefully designed by the chefs provides you a fully immersed “Khan” experience. Each dish also has its origins from different parts of the world. Khan was designed to be slightly moodier and cosier with an open-plan kitchen as part of the dining experience. The interior has textured green-blue walls and suspended shelves with an abundance of plants in the space.