Casa Do Conto Hotel Review

Porto, 23-02-2012

Casa do Conto (House of Tales in Portuguese) a concept hotel in Cedofeita, Porto, has had a rocky start. The charming XIX Century Oporto House was lovingly restored by Pedra Liquida Architects, after which a fire virtually destroyed the building just days before its reopening.

A new building was built on the site with the memory of the old structure in mind. The architects thought of the new skin as a type of ‘fossil’ of the historic.

The project references the ornate nature of its predecessor with abstract textures and texts applied to concrete surfaces. Apart from the textured surfaces, the design was approached with restraint and the resulting spaces seem appropriately quiet and poetic.

The overall design manages to have a strong identity of its own while subtly referencing the site’s turbulent background. (Images via Yatzer).