Camper Together Shoe Store

New York, 05-09-2013

Japanese design studio Nendo designed this store for Camper shoes in New York. There are over a thousand shoes acting almost like a cladding to the crisp and sharp white walls.

The shoes themselves are the brands most popular ‘Pelota’ shoe collection cast in resin and sprayed white. The concept was for the shoes to appear to be ‘walking on air’.

“When designing such a big space you have to face the challenge of how to use the upper half of the walls to display the shoes in areas with such high ceilings,” says Nendo.

“Our new approach involves making models of the Pelotas shoes and decorating the walls with them to fill the space and create the feel of an orderly stockroom.”

Within the mass of white current shoe designs pop out obviously with some displayed protruding from the wall itself and others on white platforms within the space. Mirrors further enhance the continuous walls of shoes creating new perspectives.