Burdock Restaurant Review

London, 25-04-2018

Situated in Finsbury Square, Burdock is hidden within the Montcalm Royal London House. The atmosphere seems calm and quiet when viewed from the outside, however, once you enter the hotel the space is commanding, with a beautifully illuminated, suspended ceiling feature. This feature works beautifully to divide the restaurant from the bar. The bar on one side had a buzzing, social vibe, the restaurant-side disconnects to allow a relaxing, quiet and trendy dining experience.

As we arrived, we were greeted with a cheerful waitress. She walked us to our table giving great recommendations on the menu that were an essential to try. This is a great small plates menu. You have the option of a grab-and-go bite or you can have a longer enjoyable dine sharing a varied platter. With this in mind, we decided to try a few plates! Ordering the chickpea chapatti, lobster and shrimp tacos, octopus and potato, monkfish Kiev and bacon sprouts. 

These serving sizes are plenty to open up your taste buds! Every dish had an distinctive style and taste. Rich, textural and all very tasteful!

The space of the dining area spoke for itself, with so much discovered detail. From the cold grey decorative floor tiles to the shiny copper fitting details, you can really get an idea of how much thought has been considered into every element.

It was great to see the varied mix of materials. Exposed brickwork, concrete columns, warm herringbone timber flooring, glazed tile work and geometric pattern - your eyes are completely engaged.

There were two serving counters within the restaurant. The Front Kitchen is open to its audience. Marble counter top with black ceramic over bar light pendants.

There are also hanging storage displays. This, once again, incorporated the copper feature forming a dazzling glow towards the server kitchen.

The second counter was dedicated completely to a breakfast bar. We loved the aspect of the back bar shelving unit. A dark timber framework displaying reclaimed draws, glass storage jars, menu chalkboard and a combined mix of green plants over hanging the unit right above.

Overall we were very impressed with our experience. Burdock has a stunning interior, with a feel of refreshment and relaxation.