Blueware by Glithero Ceramics Collection

London, 27-09-2011

Blueware is a collection of ceramics by London-based product design duo Glithero. Age-old processes of preservation and photography are deconstructed and inventively recombined with surprising results.

Botanical specimens of weeds found in inner London are pressed, dried and composed into delicate patterns and placed on ceramic tiles and vases. Light sensitive chemicals and UV light are then used to ‘expose’ white photograms of the silhouettes of specimens.

The resultant ceramics are thoroughly contemporary, but also traditional in the colours and production methods they employ.

Glithero’s work has a strong emphasis on the process of production, which for them is more important than the actual products.

As a result of this fascination they have created a beautiful machine for the production of the vases and carefully choreograph and document all of their production practices.

But to really appreciate the product and the process behind it, it is best to watch the beautifully made video documenting the intricacies of the production of a vase. Images via Glithero.