Bloodhound Bar Review

San Francisco, 30-07-2010

Lauren Geremia is the mastermind of Geremia Design, an emerging Californian design studio that is gaining a reputation for its eclectic and artful restaurant and bar designs.

Dotted around San Francisco are a host of projects that bear her trademark style – a mixture of textures, colours, art, antique, found and recycled objects.

Geremia often employs bold graphic prints to accompany the paintings, textiles and artefacts of her sumptuous interiors.

A monochrome frieze of birds in flight adorns the ceiling of the Bloodhound bar in downtown San Francisco which has been designed with a ‘hunting lodge’ thematic in mind.

The bar has been popular with locals and celebrated for being ‘not a dive, not a cocktail lounge, not a club – it’s a bar…awash with wood and leather and people drinking drinks’.

Some of her other notable projects are 330 Ritch, Umami, The Barbershop and Aventine, all in San Francisco and the Bay area.