Baozilnn Restaurant Review

London, 29-08-2019

Since we moved our studio from Wapping to London Bridge in February, we have been living in exceptional food choice heaven, with Borough Market, Padella, Jose, BAO and the recently opened and B3 reviewed Flor all being a short stroll from our Studio. The latest to join the feasting clan is Baozilnn, which we visited this bank holiday during the soft launch of the new flagship restaurant. 

Baozilnn is known for its low-key interiors and accommodating prices, this new venture establishes itself in common grounds. The restaurant has three floors, with an open kitchen in the ground floor, a cocktail bar in the first floor and an overflow section in the basement. The décor is charming and emits a family restaurant feel, which coupled with reasonable prices and a casual dining nature, makes Baozilnn particularly approachable.

The restaurant boasted great sunlight, thanks to its large sash windows, as we sat and leisurely dined in the beautiful summer heat. Vintage Chinese pictures decorate the space and large bold paintings guide patrons to the stairwell to explore the floors. Throughout you pass by lively planting and lounge dining that combine to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Having already been delighted by their dumplings in the Soho restaurant, we naturally tried as many items as we could digest, thoroughly enjoying every flavour and texture. However, tantalisingly special about this new branch was their signature dish of Barbeque Pork Rice,which undoubtedly became the winner of the day. We could tell from the dish’s aroma and divine look how beautifully tender the freshly barbequed pork was before we dived into the meat, that was served with perfectly boiled rice and eggs. Sometimes it is the simpler dishes that you enjoy the most, appreciating pure flavours without distractions.