Atelier Mecanic Bar Review

Bucharest, 23-09-2011

A former factory in the Old Town of Bucharest, Romania has been given a new lease on life as a bar with strong industrial overtones.

We have seen plenty of interiors that creatively mix old and new, but very few that successfully mix old with more old. Relics from the 1950s to 1970s comfortably rub shoulders in this quirky space.

The factory shell has been left untouched save for minor cosmetic alterations such as fresh paint in subdued grays and dull, industrial greens and reds and fresh coat of screed on the floor.

The custom built bar takes centre stage and continues the nostalgic feel with white tiles and copper top. The vast majority of furnishings are salvaged with origins both industrial and otherwise. The vintage posters add a nice finishing touch to this bricolage vintage pieces.

Salvaged sleepers form steps into the old factory. The large bar top is constructed of sleepers similar to those used for the steps, but covered with copper.

The machinery overhead are remnants of the original factory. Salvaged desk lamps line the walls and illuminate the vintage posters. The interior evokes a strong sense of both the building and city’s past. Images via Yatzer.