Arros Restaurant Review

London, 05-07-2019

What can possibly go wrong when you enter a Spanish multi-Michelin-starred-chef’s restaurant?

As soon as you go inside, you’re greeted by an impressive staircase with a black Mediterranean-inspired ceramic mosaic, which divides the two floors. An impressive design direction by Lazaro Violan makes Arros an incredible experience, where every single detail is in its design. It feelslike an intimate space, with several dining rooms and cocktail bars taking up the space with a very traditional English taste.

The first feeling you have in the restaurant is that you are in the hands of experts. There’s a spectacular open kitchen, where you can appreciate how each dish is prepared. All the paellas (traditional Spanish rice pans) sit on violent fires that are fed up to four different types of wood chimneys, presenting something unique and unusual in London.

We let ourselves be advised by the team; whose attention is unbeatable. Before trying the rice dishes, we were offered several Mediterranean starters, not strictly Spanish. We went with the truffle bomb (‘liquid’ potato soufflé and truffled ‘spaghetti’), and the seasonal cherry tomatoes (tomato snow and a sun-dried tomato emulsion), a dish that traveled all the way from Quique Dacosta’s Michelin 3-stars restaurant in Spain. 

We called it the ‘Tomato Flavour Festival’ where all at once different textures and temperatures explode in your mouth. This was probably one of our favorite dishes of the night. We wanted to taste something different than the classic paella, as you don’t get to try Quique's creations every day. We chose the “Chapas”: rice cooked in small rectangular pans, with contemporary recipes. We started with the octopus and green chard, with a hint of coriander, followed by black squid ink rice with calamari, artichokes, dill and oyster aioli. Definitely something you will want to have a go at.

Dessert? Yes, please. Cheesecake? Always a good idea. The most delicate de-constructed cheesecake you will ever taste. Though - in the opinion of a cheese-addict like me- it was missing a more intense cheese flavour, but again, it's a truly personal opinion.

I didn’t mention it – but you surely saw it in the pictures – we went to Arros QD for dinner. The ambience of the place is very intimate at night, perfect for romance. But it certainly must change during the day, with enough daylight entering through the enormous windows that surround the restaurant. There’s no need though; the colourfulpaellas shine on their own.

We had a great time at Arros QD and we’ll be back. Hasta pronto!