Aesop Grand Central Kiosk

New York, 29-07-2011

Australian skincare brand Aesop is not only know for its excellent skincare lines, it has also built up a reputation for innovative interiors that make use of unusual materials.

The newest addition to the Aesop family is a kiosk in New York’s Grand Central Station. For their first American store, Aesop’s director Dennis Paphitis collaborated with Brooklyn based architect Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox to create an unique interior.

The kiosk interior was built of more than a thousand recycled copies of the New York Times. The copies were stacked, torn and bound to create volumes with that are both interesting and strangely familiar to commuters passing by in the Graybar Passage.

The newspaper shelves are topped with powder coated aluminium and rows of neatly organised Aesop products. Images via Dezeen.