22 Ships Restaurant Review

Hong Kong, 14-11-2013

22 Ships Tapas Bar, named after its Hong Kong address 22 Ship Street blends well into the neighborhood balancing modern charm with vintage industrial touches, complementing on the street’s easy going and casual nature.

Its eclectic ambiance and the buzz from people spilling out in the street and socializing at the bar enhance the metropolitan and very much alive feel of its location.

The intimate venue designed by Neri & Hu Design Research Office (NHDRO) offers inside tables and communal bar seating as well as relaxed Al Fresco dining and drinking.

The clever use of bi-fold windows to access the Al Fresco dining and outdoor bar (facing the street) ensures a nice flow of the restaurant’s layout throughout as well as making it an inviting place to eat, drink and socialize with friends over a drink or two and beautifully presented food.

Who would’nt want to go?!

Designer: Neri & Hu Design Research Office. Images: The Restaurant and Bar Design Award and Asia Bars website.