14 Hills Restaurant Review

London, 18-12-2019

14 Hills opening brings a haven for biophilics and food enthusiasts. Located on the 14th floor of 120 Fenchurch Street, 14 Hills one of the latest restaurants from D&D London group; the minds behind German Gymnasium, Le Pont de la Tour or 100 Wardour Street, to name but a few.

The arrival at ground level offers an immersive ceiling installation; a large digital display of moving flowers guiding you to the lift, which takes you to the 14th floor. Here there are spectacular views across to some of London most iconic buildings, filtered through iridescent striped windows.

The interior resembles a botanical garden with a myriad of live plants to dine among. The design brings the outside in, with soft timber tones, rattan furniture, warm lighting and textured soft furnishing.

We paid particular attention to the comfortable fixed seating, as it is beautifully detailed and upholstered with rich velvets and cushions with vibrant patterns, complementing the surrounding greenery.

14 Hills has a sophisticated blend of varying design features, such as a central wooden canopy that is reminiscent of a Parisian courtyard, which flirts with a Mediterranean luxe look bar.

Opposed to the sleek and geometrical forms of the building’s architecture, this bar is the centrepiece of the restaurant. It has a beautiful dome shaped canopy, with a stucco render to its internal face washed by dim warm lighting. Bamboo canes wrap around forming the bar apron and serve as a backdrop for the elegant velvet bar stools. The reception desk speaks a similar language, shaped by sinuous and unconventional forms, textured plaster front and warm back lighting.

14 Hills is a great all-day dinning destination and this time of year it works perfectly for a festive weekend visit, no matter what time of day.