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Fette Sau, Williamsburg


Fette Sau in Williamsburg Brooklyn is a casual and fun southern restaurant concept located in trendy Williamsburg Brooklyn. The owners have converted an unused garage into a BBQ restaurant that stays true to the gritty surrounding area, while delivering its very own identity to the locality. The design stays true to its past by incorporating rustic industrial features into its authentic design.

Tractor seats are used as bar stools while phonograph horns have been repurposed as light fixtures above the bar light fixtures. Marble counter, reclaimed wood, brick, and polished-and-stained concrete are a great example of other materials used to create the rustic feel of the restaurant and bar. The courtyard previously used for vehicle parking and service, is decked out with heavy wooden furniture, worn metal tables and chairs and illuminated signage. What we enjoyed most about the restaurant’s approach it this way they have embodies the industry into the way the venue  was designed and presented, clearing addressing the importance of the butchery side of the process.  Photos from Facebook.

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