Bone Daddies London

Victoria, London

Restaurants / Bars

B3 Designers were asked to develop a space continuing Bone Daddies’ known and loved rock ‘n’ roll attitude and Japanese street-scene tone.

Each restaurant in the 7-strong Bone Daddies group (inclusive of sister restaurant Flesh & Buns) delivers a distinctive experience created specifically to mix both Japanese and London contemporary culture.

Specialising in beautifully crafted Japanese-inspired food, the restaurant creates a contemporary culture exclusive to London. The character reflects a bold, brash and loud character that helps introduce Bone Daddies as a uniquely memorable approach to Japanese dining.

A mixture of materials, textures and graphics were used to express the rock ‘n’ roll vibe. This revealed the use of exposed raw metal work and traditional Japanese graphics with applied spray paint. The smashed up tiles in the WC cubicles were applied in their broken format to continue the bold and brash character and enhance that street-scene feel.

There is a contrast of rich-toned timbers used for the host stations and counter tops while other elements of the restaurant are left uncovered to showcase details such as the scaffold-pole table legs and staircase fixings.

The team foraged for old reclaimed lights to create an awesome display of hung pendants in the front window, and again to group over the dining tables, creating an interesting yet inviting feel both diners and diners-to-be.

References were also pulled from the chaotic street scene of any densely-populated downtown Japanese city with intensely clustered signage, each fighting for attention, making for a lively over-bar feature.

The space allows for many special dining experiences; the ground floor walls are clad in antique mirror with reclaimed timber uprights to shelter the space and replicate the façade of old Japanese street shops, whilst upstairs the central canopy feature floats above two large oak-top tables with suspended noren panels to create a sense of privacy.





Bone Daddies London

Victoria, London