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48 Square Metre


48m2 is a collaboration between product and graphic design students at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. The first group created a series of products and the second a tight campaign for their exhibition. Furniture was developed by the product design students for a 48 square metre apartment, with the intent of “questioning and twisting preconceptions of home styling”. In response to this work, the advertising/graphic design students developed a killer campaign for the exhibit, creating the concept “Same but Different,” described below: Is a chair always a chair, an apartment always an apartment? Tilt your head for awhile, and the world will emerge in a different light. Up is down, objects change appearances, the unclear becomes obvious and problems meet their solutions. The campaign includes a two meter long exhibition catalogue (excerpted top), four promotional films (below and after the jump), and an exhibition in a reconfigured 48m2 apartment.

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