Pharmacia, Lisbon

Pharmacia, a Lisbon restaurant housed in the city’s art deco Pharmacy Museum, is not shy with colour. The bright interior uses almost exclusively vintage and antique items in its decor. It is fit out with vintage lamps, bell jars, measuring scales among other bits and pieces that are on loan to the restaurant from the museum. A mix of mismatched chairs surround dining tables with equally mismatched place settings, creating the impression of playful chaos. The space has a retro feel with a good balance of kitch and cool.

(Images via Wallpaper)


Lisbonaire, Lisbon

The Lisbonaire is a new type of hotel in the hart of Lisbon. It occupies a 1960s building that received a full make-over this year, and consists of 19 apartments. While the overall design is coherent in its use of furniture, each apartment was designed by a different artist / designer and as a result has its own distinct character, which adds surprise and personality to the hotel.

The apartment by Alva:

Ana Cunha’s apartment:

Barbra Says created an apartment with a haphazard, urban feel by arranging posters randomly on walls and ceilings.

Joana and Mariana are responsible for an earthy toned apartment:

João Maio Pinto created playful graphics for the walls of his space:

Gwendolyn Van der Velden and Quim Albergaria created a colourful illustration of the city of Lisbon:

Nuno Luz’s suite has a bit of a pop art feel:

MAGA, a design studio in Lisbon created a unique space with innovative use of paper, not only on the walls, but also for folded light fittings.

Musa Worklab created three dimensional graphics for the walls,

DesignbyNada, an agency specializing in identity created a monochromatic interior with a strong typographic focus.

Pedro Falcão’s suite:

Mackintóxico’s suite:

Marco Balesteros created a wall that resembles a loose timeline:

Silva!Designers drew inspiration from neon hotel signs:

Vanessa Teodoro’s suite:

Vivóeusébio, a design collective, created a wallpaper that resembles vintage food wrappers – in the nicest possible way.

The identity of the hotel is visible in each of the individual interiors that are all refreshingly playful in their own way.

(Images via Lisbonaire)